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At 7:44 PM -0600 7/13/01, Sonja L Launspach wrote:
>I'm looking for help finding information on the personal dative. The only
>article that I have been able to locate is Donna Christian's. I know that
>Margaret Mishoe gave a talk once on the topic but I can't find a published
>version of her talk. Are there any other articles out there to look at?
>Also is this feature primarly associated with the Scots-Irish influence
>in general? My impression (rightly or wrongly) is that the personal dative
>is considered a feature of Appalachian English. Is this correct or does it
>occur in other Am English dialects?
>Sonja Launspach

There was a more recent unpublished paper on the topic--

Dannenburg, C. & G. Webelhuth (1998)  The Theoretical Importance of
Southern English Personal Datives.  Unpublished ms., U. of North
Carolina, Chapel Hill.

--and I've also done some work on it (I'll be talking about these in
England in September as part of a presentation called "I Just Dropped
In to See What Condition Our Conditions Were In", and possibly in
January if I can convince the LSA to accept my abstract.  They are
associated with southern and/or Appalachian speech, so that "I'm
gonna git me a new pickup/shotgun" sounds better than "I'm gonna git
me a new BMW/laser printer", but it's making inroads.  I'd be
interested in the history too--of course English used to have
ordinary objects in place of all modern reflexives, but the "personal
datives" are arguably a different beast, since they involve
non-arguments of the predicate.

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