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Clare Dannenberg gave a very nice paper on the personal dative a year ago
at the Appalachian Studies Association conference (a very eclectic and
interesting conference, by the way, with only one session devoted to
language).  And yes, she had 3-4 pages of authentic data.  Contact her at
Virginia Tech.

At 09:37 AM 7/14/01 -0400, you wrote:
>I think you are essentially right, although it has spread to other
>South Midland (and South Midland influenced) areas. I (Louisville
>flatlander) have it. I'd write to Michael Montgomery (South Carolina)
>if I were you. I seem to recall a paper by him and one of his
>colleagues on this very topic at an NWAV (Philadelphia?) some years
>ago, but haven't seen it in print. As I recall they were trying to
>develop a semantic constrast between sentences with and without the
>personal dative (withm, as you would expect at an NWAV, lots of
>authentic examples). If I'm wrong, I'm gonna get me a new head.
>>I'm looking for help finding information on the personal dative. The only
>>article that I have been able to locate is Donna Christian's. I know that
>>Margaret Mishoe gave a talk once on the topic but I can't find a published
>>version of her talk. Are there any other articles out there to look at?
>>Also is this feature primarly associated with the Scots-Irish influence
>>in general? My impression (rightly or wrongly) is that the personal dative
>>is considered a feature of Appalachian English. Is this correct or does it
>>occur in other Am English dialects?
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