Home Depot vocabulary lesson

Mark Odegard markodegard at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jul 17 03:16:56 UTC 2001


>The new term for an etagere = toilet-topper. I heard it from 2 HD
>salesmen, who hadn't the foggiest what an etagere was. ("Etagere" was
>still current at Target, however.)

I would not have called it a toilet-topper, but something like 'a [over the]
toilet-tank shelf unit'. I would not have called it an etagere, tho' the
word might stretch to include them.

I think of an etagere as an open-on-2-or-more sides curio cabinet.  It's a
place for tacky Hummel figurines to pick up a coating of dust.

M-W has an illustration that exemplifies the worst of these.
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