Moveable lofts

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a loft (in this case) is simply a set of legs/stilts that you place your bed
upon to
have more space in your (university) dorm room -- i had a couch and a fridge
under mine

they are usually about five feet tall and made of 3" by 3" wooden fence

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I recently came across the following (an extract from the regulations
├┐verning student residences in the University of Mississippi):

"Students are no longer able to bring their own lofts into the halls in the
fall of 2001. Lofts will be available for rent. Please do not purchase a
loft from another student, as you will not be able to use it this fall."

I have tried the obvious dictionaries of American English without success.
Can anyone tell a puzzled Englishman what these transportable "lofts" might

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