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Fri Jul 20 01:41:40 UTC 2001

Doug Wilson is correct, I think. Desai and not Shashtri. Shashtri is
remarkable for his short tenure (like Pope John Paul I, he dropped dead
before anyone could make an analysis of his competence). Nonetheless,
Barbara Walters still has the best story about it.


       A prior Indian Prime Minister (name escapes me at the
       moment) drank his
       own urine ....

    Lal Balhadur Shashtri. ....

Supposedly Morarji Desai had this habit. [Apparently he
lived 99 years, BTW.]

And many others.

In the recent news, three million Chinese are said to make
use of this
inexpensive dietary supplement.

Many references on the Web, e.g.:


I see "Morarji cola" as a name for this popular and
universally available

-- Doug Wilson

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