Air Force Language (1962); Medical Slang (1994)

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> _Bucket Bitchers_--The men who worked on Allison engines.  (Not in RHHDAS)

The problem with this entry is that, as far as I can determine, the U.S. Navy
never had any airplanes powered by Allison engines.  All the famous warplanes
flown by the U.S. Navy from carriers during World War II were powered by
air-cooled radial engines from either Pratt and Whitney or Curtiss-Wright.
After World War II, with the rapid introduction of the jet engine, the
Allison became a museum piece.

>  _eggbeater_--A helicopter. (RHHDAS 1936)

A rather precocious entry, since helicopters were a rarely-seen curiosity
until the Sikorsky R-4 (first flight 13 January 1942) went into series

>  _FIGMO_--Fuck it, I got my orders. (RHHDAS 1962)

>  _FUBAR_--Fucked up beyond all repair.  (RHHDAS 1944)

or "beyond all recognition", as "FUBAR" is widely used by other than mechanics

>  --------------------------------------------------------
>  by Sally Williams
>  MA thesis
>  University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill
>  176 pages
>  1994
>  _BOHICA_  Bend Over Here It Comes Again (Coombs et al. 990)

A gag used in my high school (1959-1965) was to introduce two men as "Neil
Down" and "Ben Dover"

>  _FYBIGMI_--...Fuck You Brother I Got My Internship...

This looks suspiciously like a variation on FIGMO ("Fuck It Got My Orders")

>  _Hot dog_  a flamboyant or bizarre patient, usually with psychiatric
> problems (Scheiner 68)

perhaps a variation on "hot dog" meaning a show-off ballplayer

>  _Hump N' Thump_  Cardiovascular resuscitation

somewhat risque, considering one of the meanings of "to hump".  Also
obsolete, since today's standardized CPR (dated as 1972 in M-W 10th
Collegiate) uses a rhythmic compression rather than a "thump".

as for "Gomer", isn't anybody on this list familiar with the 1960's TV show
"Gomer Pyle"?

              - Jim Landau

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