Settlement Cook Book (1903): Huevos Rancheros (1901)

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>  Milwaukee, Wis.
>  1903
>     I have just the first one.  However, I could easily get the other,
> revised editions.

You apparently have the 1996 Applewood Press reprint of the first edition,
ISBN 1-55709-436-5.  This reprint states on the front and back covers and on
the reverse of the title page that the original was published in 1903.
However, there is nothing in the reprinted text that specifies 1903 or any
other date.

    I am not an expert on typefaces but I can tell that the typefaces used on
the Applewood title page are not used anywhere in the facsimile portion of
the book.  The serifed typefaces (there may be more than one) used for titles
in the facsimile portion have a capital "T" that has a very small set of
serifs on the bottom of the "T" and rather small serifs on each end of the
crossbar.  The typeface used in the top two lines of the title page has wide
serifs on the bottom of the "T" and on the ends of the crossbar the serifs
reach most of the way to the crossbar on a capital "H".  The quotation marks
on the fourth line of the title page are over half the height of the capital
letters they enclose and are set well above the top of the capital letters.
Hence I believe that the title page was at least re-typeset by Applewood.
    The reverse of the title page is entirely created by Applewood.
    Hence there is no trace of an original title page or copyright data page.
 The 1903 date is given by Applewood Books with no evidence showing that it
is correct.

The reverse of the title page of the 6th edition (from which I got the "Dutch
Apple Cake" recipe) says on the reverse of the title page
J. H. Yewdale & Sons Co., Printers, Milwaukee, Wis."
and nothing else.  From this I deduce that 1901 is a more probable date for
the first edition than 1903.
    URL http://www gives
the following biographical information on the author of  The "Settlement"
Cook Book and states that the publication date was 1901 rather than 1903.

<begin quote>

    BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE: Lizzie Black was born in Milwaukee in 1858, the
daughter of John and Mary Black, who were Jewish pioneer farmers from near
Green Bay. She was educated in the Milwaukee public schools and in 1878
graduated from East Side High as valedictorian. In 1881 she married Simon
Kander, a real estate and insurance salesman, who later served in the 1907
Assembly of the Wisconsin State Legislature.

Lizzie Black Kander was one of the first women in Milwaukee to undertake
social work activities with the Russian Jewish immigrants who had been
arriving in the city since the 1880's; in fact, she became known as the Jane
Addams of Milwaukee. She first established the Milwaukee Jewish Mission in
1896 in borrowed quarters in Temple B'ne Jeshurun and Temple Emanu-El. Her
organization changed its name and location several times before moving c.
1951 to its present Prospect Avenue location where it became known as the
Jewish Community Center of Milwaukee.

One of the first activities that Kander started at the Mission was cooking
classes. The demand for recipes resulted in the publication in 1901 of a 200
page pamphlet, "The Way to a Man's Heart." This pamphlet evolved into the
popular Settlement Cook Book, the profits from which helped fund her various
settlement houses and center buildings.

<end quote>

    The page count of the Applewood edition is 182 + xi pages, not counting
26 pages of advertising matter.

I have a copy of the now-out-of-print Applewood reprint of the first edition
and a copy of the 6th edition.  A friend of mine has a different edition,
with the title page missing so the edition cannot be identified, but which
was probably purchased circa 1930.

If you can "easily get the other,  revised editions", would it be possible to
get a reliable dating for the sixth edition?  I have supplied citations from
the sixth edition to both the OED and Merriam-Webster.

(I only received my copy of the Applewood reprint a few days ago and have not
yet had time to check it against the OED2.  Please note that the M-W 10th
Collegiate, page 648, gives a date of 1854 for "kuchen" and a date of 1846
for "kugel".)

      - Jim Landau

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