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What's the history of "majorly"? I've seen (and never heard) it only
very recently (and, perhaps mistakenly, associate it with what I
might call (noncondescendingly, I hope) "youth culture." I'm sure
some of word-watchers can let us in on the history of this (which may
be ancient for all I know; my life has been pretty sheltered).


>On Tue, 24 Jul 2001, Douglas G. Wilson wrote:
>>  My recommendation: do not open or execute any attachment before verifying
>>  the authenticity of the message by e-mailing the putative sender. It might
>>  be a good idea to make restrictive settings on one's e-mail program also. I
>>  still don't feel safe ....
>Using a mail program like Pine on a UNIX shell majorly helps in this
>regard, too.
>-- Steve Kl.

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