Smorgas (1858); Mole (1901); Batik (1857) [my erratum]

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Thanks for the interest...

I am "real" in the sense that I was born in Norway and still hold a
Norwegian passport.  I grew up in Norway, Canada and Austria, and went to
college and graduate school in the U.S.  I've lived in the New York area for
the last 11 years.  I've also worked extensively in Sweden and Denmark.

The "k" is pronounced in my last name, and the "u" is pronounced like - or
close to - "oo" as in "noon."  I usually ask Americans to pronounce my first
name "life," but "lafe" is closer to the original.


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> And if he's a "real" Scandinavian (presumably Norwegian or Danish, with
> -en), his surname is pronounced with a /kn/, not just /n/!  I always hated
> to hear [nut] Rockne (though he may have Americanized his name).  And Leif
> is [lef], I believe.
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> >>I guess this pretty much matches Leif Knudsen's statement above?
> >
> >Sorry, that's "Leif Knutsen".
> >
> >-- Doug Wilson
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