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>    The original title was THE WAY TO A MAN'S HEART, not SETTLEMENT COOK
>  The 1901 edition was 174 pages.  The 1903 edition was 182 pages.  A 1910
> edition was 456 pages.
>     Check out the online catalog of the Milwaukee Public Library.  There
> quite a few editions.

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Yes, I will agree that the Applewood reprint is of the 1903 SECOND edition,
not the 1901 FIRST edition.  However, you can't tell that by examining the
Applewood reprint itself, since the front cover states "originally published
in 1903", the rear cover states "Published in 1903, this was the original
"Way to a Man's Heart..."", and the reverse of the title page states
ambiguously "This printing of _"The Settlement" Cook Book_, which was
originally entitled _The Way to a  Man's Heart_, is reproduced from the 1903

The Sixth edition, which I have quoted on this list before, is not available
at the Milwaukee Public Library, but it is bracketed by a 1910 Fourth edition
and a 1915 Seventh edition, making 1912 (a date I got from a Web page) a
plausible date for the Sixth Edition.

It's things like this that keep etymology from being a purely clerical

       - Jim Landau

P.S. As you just returned from "Iceland", which is Mother Nature's
vulcanological masterpiece, are you now our expert on "himbo eruptions"?

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