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     I think you're be right, viz. that Cafeteria is a now obsolete
slang term for Los Angeles. Venice won the game against Los Angeles.
Maggart (newspaper misspelling; should be Maggert) was an outfielder
for Los Angeles. So it was Los Angeles (aka Cafeteria, for whatever
reason) vs. Venice. The  Los Angeles team lost, but had Maggart not
made a base-running error, "the dove of victory would have partaken
of its evening repast in Cafeteria [L.A.] instead of in the suburb
     Los Angeles must have a historical society,and I'll drop them a
line. Perhaps someone there can clarify how Los Angeles acquired the
alternate name Cafeteria.


At 8:58 AM -0700 7/27/01, A. Maberry wrote:
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>Subject: Re: Cafeteria (California)--query
>Could it just be a slang (very localized) term for Los Angeles?
>In your first example it certainly looks like the Angels and Cafeterias
>are the same team.
>>    (1)--June 12, 1913:  "[Venice] manager Hogan must have been duly
>>  impressed with the lacing handed him here last week by the Seals,
>>  judging from reports which have made their way up here in the last
>>  couple of days from Cafeteria, where he is at present engaged in
>>  putting his charges through a series of antics with Harry Wolverton's
>>  solons [i.e., with the Sacramento team, known variously as the
>>  Lawmakers and the Wolves]."
>This kind of looks like it is a place. Venice is in Los Angeles County and
>might have been refered to as Cafeteria, esp. if "Cafeteria" is a term for
>the LA area and not just LA proper.
>  >
>  > (2) June 20, 1913--"Hap Hogan's Tigers, judging from late reports,
>  > seem to be taking hold of themselves once more and getting around to
>>  last season's form.  Yesterday in a ten-inning battle the Venetians
>>  coaxed the long end of a 9-to-8 score over to their bench, although
>>  had Maggart of the opposition been a little more jealous of second
>>  base after slamming out a two-bagger it is probable that the dove of
>>  victory would have partaken of its evening repast in Cafeteria
>>  instead of in the suburb."
>Venice wins this game against whom? If it was the Los Angeles Angels,
>q.e.d., (Venice being a suburb of Cafeteria/Los Angeles) if not, I'm
>stumped. I checked the GNIS database which often has references to older,
>no longer existent place-names, since they are might be carried over into
>the names of neighborhoods.
>maberry at

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