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Mon Jul 30 01:30:37 UTC 2001

I compose Cryptic Crossword puzzles, and have the following clue in a
puzzle:>>1. Dances with weed whacker cords (5)My editor is doubtful about
it, and wrote:>>REELS: Weed whacker cords COME on REELS, but ARE they
REELS? I responded:>This was the one I referred to in the vocab about "I
was surprised to>find what a lawnmower blade is called." A reel sounds
like a strange >term for a blade, but I figured it would probably carry
over to a weed>whacker, too, and be easier to guess. Maybe lawnmower
blades >reminded mechanics of film reels?American Heritage Dictonary:
"reel1  n. ... 4. A set of curved lawn-mower blades that rotate around a
bar parallel to the ground, cutting grass while moving against a
stationary straight blade."I ask this group, did I misuse the word, or is
it too obscure?~Owen Lorion(For those who might be unfamiliar with
Cryptic clues, they consist of two parts, giving two independent clues
for the same answer, but camoflaged as a single phrase.)

(At my editor's suggestion, I've already changed the clue to "Dances with
winds (5)".)

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