Skimobile (1938)

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   M-W has 1944.  OED has 1946 and 1955.
   From the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 2 December 1938, pg. 29, col. 4:

_Jack and Jill_
_Now Climb Hill_
_In "Skimobile"_
_New Invention Brings Note_
   _Of Living-Room Luxury_
   _To Mountain Ascensions_
(...)  Up at North Conway, N. H., where the weather is clear and the trails are reported in tiptop condition, they have erected still another means of conveyance, the so-called "skimobile."  Similar to a trolley line, the skimobile runs on a steel cable on the side of Cranmore Mountain.
   _George Morton Inventor_
   Under the direction of its inventor, George Morton, the skimobile was completed last fall.  According to Morton, the project consists oftwo parallel wooden tracks runing from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the ledges, some 800 feet.  Passengers will ascend on one track and descend on the other in sixty-one passenger cars with rubber tires, spaced at intervals of about 100 feet and gripped to an endless cable running under the wooden runways.

(See both OED entries for "skimobile"--ed.)

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