Dot-com backlash/meltdown terms

Gareth Branwyn garethb2 at EARTHLINK.NET
Tue Jul 31 17:26:19 UTC 2001

One of my faves:

post-crash realism (coined at Esquire (I think) to describe their
current editorial approach to technology and tech investing)

tech wreck (this is by far the most common slang I hear in conversations
about the tech market downturn)

and don't forget:

new new economy


GNU economy (a slightly tongue-in-cheek term coined by open source
software evangelists. It refers to their far-fetched hope that the
next-gen Internet will run on open source technology, leading to an
entirely different economic model and computer networks that don't
constantly crash. "GNU" refers to the core code upon which Linux and
other open source operating systems are built.)

Don't know how far afield you wish to go:

U-turn effect (applied to employees who went from "old economy" jobs to
new economy ones and are now trying to scuttle back to their old jobs)

apology bonuses
Given by tech companies to college students who they promised jobs to
before the downturn and now can't afford to hire.

Paul McFedries wrote:
> I'm gathering a list of terms related to the current dot-com and e-commerce
> backlash and/or meltdown. Here's what I have so far:
> dot bomb
> dot-carnage
> dot-com Darwinism
> dot-com deathwatch
> dot-com rage
> dot-coma
> dot-commode
> dot-compost
> dotcom-uppance (or dotcomuppance)
> dot-dead
> dot-gone
> dot-goner
> dot snot
> Not com
> pink-slip party
> sneakers up
> B2B (back-to-banking or  back-to-basics)
> B2C (back-to-consulting)
> B2M (back-to-Mom's)
> B2P (back-to-parents)
> B2R (back-to-reality)
> B2S (back-to-school)
> Can anyone add to the list?
> Thanks.
> Paul

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