"Big Apple" on CBS tonight

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Thu Mar 1 11:38:25 UTC 2001

   BIG APPLE, a detective tv show, stars in the new CBS Thursday night lineup tonight, after SURVIVOR.
   For those of you who still don't know what "Big Apple" means, the New York Public Library is especially helpful:


   Neither site refers to the information in the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NEW YORK CITY (1995)--a reference book that sits behind every librarian.  The Popik/Cohen information is, of course, on neither site.
   The former was "revised" in 1998.
   The latter site gives only one explanation--that "big apple" derives from 19th century whores.

21 June 1961, NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, pg. 39, cols. 7-8 ad:
The nation's richest market, New York's Metropolitan area, has more buying power than all of Canada.  This market's favorite magazine?  Predictably, it is TV GUIDE, America's favorite weekly.  A single ad page in TV GUIDE's New York Metropolitan Edition will get you (as it gets Hoffman Beverage, N. Y. Telephone, Hertz and Chock Full o' Nuts) frequent and favorable exposure in 1,4000,000 households.  Big apple...biggest bite!

20 March 1961, NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, pg. 24:
_"Big A" Blooms Today_
(Big A=Aqueduct isn't in RHHDAS--ed.)
(...) Barring (Col. 2--ed.) impossible weather, what has been called the annual "equine-nox" should see over 40,000 greenback-bearing fans...
   (Col. 6--ed.)
   Arcaro, Willie Shoemaker, Bouimetis and all the "Big Apple" jocks...

5 June 1961, NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, pg. 23, cols. 6-8 ad:
   There is Only ONE New York
   and PARK EAST is its Magazine.
(Cable tv news NY1 has "There is only one New York" as its slogan--ed.)

10 June 1951, NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, This Week magazine, pages 22-23:

19 February 1950, NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, This Week magazine, pg. 30:

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