disameliorative effect of euphemisms

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Thu Mar 1 12:55:58 UTC 2001

>>The name change has surely nothing at all to do with the invention.
>>The descendents of the illustrious George Philip Krapp of US
>>pholological fame have also switched monikers, and, so far as I
>>know, Krapp and toilets were never associated. Surely Krapp and
>>crap are enough to do the trick.


>>Consider inoffensive, eponymous Thomas Crapper.
>Yes. I used to know David Crapper, a great-grandson (I believe) of
>Thomas, at the same illustrious academic institution Lynne Murcphy is
>at, and recall him saying that when he got married he would take on
>his wife's name. I always thought it was ironic, to be so successful
>in inventing something that your descendants have to change their
>name to avoid their association with your eponymous success.
>Tony Glaser

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