Sopranoese, anyone?

Boatti, Stephen SBoatti at TVRATINGS.COM
Thu Mar 1 15:48:24 UTC 2001

I can just imagine the "fun" he'll have satirizing the way Italian-Americans
allegedly speak, as exemplified by the Sopranos.


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From:   Laurence Horn [mailto:laurence.horn at YALE.EDU]
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Subject:        Sopranoese, anyone?

A reporter for our local paper, the New Haven Register, is doing a
"fun article" on the Italian slang expressions used in the HBO series
The Sopranos.  He wondered if I could help him out, and I had to
reply that sadly I don't get HBO (I'm sure I'd be a Sopranoholic if I
did).  If anyone is a fan and wouldn't mind interacting with the
journalist, you can contact him directly at <jamarante at>.


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