Juan de Fuca

A. Maberry maberry at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Thu Mar 1 19:16:47 UTC 2001

Anne et al.,

Sorry, I missed the point. Yes the vowel in Fuca has the same quality as
"oo" in boot. I wanted to point out that "Fooka" (ouch!) which I have
heard on rare occassion, is incorrect as well.

maberry at u.washington.edu

On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, ANNE V. GILBERT wrote:

> Mark:
> > I've not seen 'Seattle Rattle' yet, but I'm pretty sure it will happen.
> 'Ash
> > Wednesday Earthquake', a la the Alaska Good Friday Earthquake of 64 (or
> so),
> > however, is likely to become the popular name.
> >
> > The earthquake is said to be caused by the Juan de Fuca plate subducting
> > under the North American plate. There is also Juan de Fuca Strait. All the
> > talking heads are very careful with this one, making sure the first vowel
> in
> > 'Fuca' is that of 'boot'.
> >
> > Pronouncing 'fuca' as 'fuchsia' makes for some salaciously homophonous and
> > homographous fun.
> First off, everybody in Washingon State knows "Fuca" in the Strait of Juan
> de Fuca has the same first syllable as "boot".  It's outsiders that don't
> know the difference.  That's one of the ways you can "tell" who was born
> here and who wasn't.  So we'll be able to tell how much the talking heads
> know. . . . .Second, I haven't heard  "Seattle Rattle", but I've heard the
> Battle in Seattle for the WTO riots of November 1999.  And we might have
> gotten Rattled in Seattle, but like you, my bet is on Ash Wednesday
> Earthquake.
> Anne Gilbert

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