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   THE DINER, February 1949, pg. 19, cols. 2-3, has a cartoon.  A tired, dazed chef takes takes down the "COMPLETE DINNER $1.50" sign and puts up "86."
   The NYPL gets THE DINER from 1949, but I might take a Library of Congress trip to get earlier issues, especially for "86."


   From THE DINER, April 1949, pg. 14, col. 1:

_Quick Lunch Artists_
Meals-on-Wheels gets foods to formerly inaccessible places and opens new vistas for service.
   "Meals-on-Wheels," a roadside eating service that can be operated as the auxiliary of quality diners and counter restaurants, is now ready for nation-wide expansion after a two-year trial in Westchester County, New York, and southern Connecticut.
   The service, offered from specially designed coaches, is the brainchild of Laurence I. Graham...

(Pass on the "Roadkill Delight"--ed.)


  "ALL YOU CAN EAT 75 cents" is in the window of a restaurant, on the cover of THE DINER AND COUNTER RESTAURANT, September 1950.


   David Shulman copied for me "GALLO'S NEW YORK: Catch phrase, but didn't catch the name," NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, Sunday, 25 February 2001. (No page here, but it's on Dow Jones.)
   In column four, Thomas Aloysius Dorgan once again coined "hot dog," this time at the Polo Grounds in 1905.
   David Shulman said that Bill Gallo must not have consulted a single reference book for this.  He suggests we write a letter to the editor.
   This never ends...

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