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For whatever it is worth, I did some work on a silicone breast implant
litigation. The first acquired batches of "explants" as exhibits. That term was
used throughout the litigation in briefs, correspondence, and general
conversation to mean those augmentation devices that were surgically removed
from the body.

Lynne Murphy wrote:

> Interesting (new? I'd not be so bold as to make such a claim to this
> audience)  word from an article on defective artificial body parts in
> today's Salon:
> http://salon.com/mwt/feature/2001/03/02/body_parts/index.html
> Flawed implants are rare, but sometimes they make it all the way
> from the factory to the surgeon's table to a carved-out place inside of
> you. And unlike a station wagon, which can have a faulty transmission
> replaced in an afternoon at the garage, the only way to retrieve a
> defective implant, in many cases, is to cut open a human body. And since
> there are no guidelines on how to proceed when there's an implant recall,
> whether a surgeon removes, or "ex-plants," the device is largely a judgment
> call.
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