Jism, was: "Jazz" did not have a sexual origin

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Sat Mar 3 00:36:38 UTC 2001

 James Smith wrote:
>I came across the word "ji" in Chapter 4 (of Book 4) -
>A RUNAWAY MATCH - of Dickens' "Our Mutual Friend",
>Is "ji" related to "jasm" and "jism"?
>".... To which Gruff and Glum responded that he see
>her married this morning, my Beauty, and that if it
>warn't a liberty he wished her *ji* and the fairest of
>fair wind and weather; further, in a general way
>requesting to know what cheer? and scrambling up on
>his two wooden legs to salute, hat in hand,
>ship-shape, with the gallantry of a man-of-warsman and
>a heart of oak."

I think it more than likely this is "joy," though it does seem an odd way
to spell it if it was meant to rhyme with /sky./
A. Murie

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