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Interesting--I grew up in Lynchburg,VA, about 30 miles from Pulaski.
There a brown cow was a soda glass of root beer with a scoop of
vanilla icecream.

--- Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
> "How now, brown cow."
> --Tonto to a fat Lone Ranger
>    Clementine Paddleford also wrote for SODA FOUNTAIN, and she
> wrote this, July 1935, pg. 32, col. 2:
>    AT LAST and quite by accident I have found the originator of
> "Brown Cow."  Someone is always writing to ask "how in the deuce do
> you make 'Brown Cow.'"  Well, I didn't know and I thought I might
> never find out.  Then I walked into (Pg. 33, col. 1--ed.) Tyler's
> Drug Store in Pulaski, Virginia and there were Brown Cows all over
> the place.  Mr. Tyler owned he had originated and named the mixture
> himself.  Listen:  Into a soda glass place 1 oz. of Chocolate
> Syrup, and 6 oz. of milk; add a little shaved ice, stir big with a
> spoon, top with whipped cream and sell for 5 cents.
> --------------------------------------------------------
>    OED has 1938, from AMERICAN SPEECH.
>    Clementine Paddleford describes how to make "Hamburger-Cheese
> Buns" or the Jersey City "Cheese Hamburger" in the SODA FOUNTAIN,
> AUgust 1935, pg. 27, col. 1.
> --------------------------------------------------------
>    Mmm was originally Umm.
>    From the SODA FOUNTAIN, June 1935, pg. 23:
> UM-M-M-M!  UM-M-M!  UM-M!  UM-M!  UM-M!
> --------------------------------------------------------
>    From the SODA FOUNTAIN, January 1936, pg. 17, col. 1:
>    SOFT ice cream, made right on the premises and called "Shef's
> Original Soft Ice Cream" is a specialty.
> (R.C. Schiefelbein, owner and manager of Shef's Ice Cream Shop,
> Seattle, Washington, which started in 1932--ed.)
> --------------------------------------------------------
> 19th HOLE
>    From the SODA FOUNTAIN, April 1925, pg. 26, col. 1:
> _The 19th Hole_
> A Story of the Country Club in Virginia, of its Unique Soda
> Fountain, the Nineteenth Hole, and of Manager John Mulcaha and
> Chief Dispenser Jimmy McDonough Who Are Justly Famous Throughout
> the State of Virginia.
> (...)
>    "I DON'T remember when we began to call it the nineteenth hole.
> It must have been back in the good old days when the fountain
> wasn't a fountain at all but a mighty fine bar, with sawdust
> littered trough, a shiny brass foot rail and all the rest of the
> trimmings.  In those days that bar used to serve juleps and rickeys
> and cocktails that simply couldn't be equalled.
> (The 1890s would antedate OED/RHHDAS for this term--ed.)

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