White Coffee (1883)

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Sun Mar 4 07:39:01 UTC 2001

   Also (as I read more of the book), page 63:

   _78. WHITE COFFEE._
   3 quarts Cream.
   1 1/2 pounds Sugar.
   6 ounces Mocha Coffee, No. 14.
   Put the freshly roasted, whole grains of coffee, with one quart of cream into a farina boiler, cover and let steep, in a warm place, for an hour.
   Meanwhile cook the rest of the cream, and the sugar, mix the two, strain through fine muslin, cool and freeze as told in No. 6.
   Serve, like No. 54, with whipped cream.
   This is paler in color and more delicate in flavor than No. 77.

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