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> ""We didn't see boo," Dr. Sherrod said.
>  Has this been documented before?
>  I couldn't find the bare "boo" on an Internet search, but I did find
>  "diddly-boo" which would support an equivalence with "squat".
>  But I thought it was odd for the NYT just to hang that out there like it
>  would be familiar to all.

The following is doubtful, but still worth asking:

Is there any chance that "boo" is an Anglicization of Yiddish "bubkes"?
>From Leo Rosten _The Joys of Yiddish_
    "bubkes" [also spelt in English] "bobkes"---Something trivial, worthless,
insultingly disproportionate to expectations. "I worked on it three
hours---and what did he give me?  BUBKES!"'

                  - Jim Landau

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