Roquefort Dressing (1916)

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   OED has 1943.
   John Mariani, sensing that the OED is decades off, gives the recipe along with a sparse definition (without a date):

_Roquefort dressing._  A salad dressing made with Roquefort or blue cheese.

   AMERICAN COOKERY, March 1916, has "Dressing, Roquefort Salad...631."
   CAROLINE KING'S COOK BOOK (Boston, 1918) also has "Roquefort Dressing, 92."


BREAD STICKS--In AMERICAN COOKERY, Dec. 1900/Jan. 1901, pg. 179.

FRUIT SALAD--In AMERICAN COOKERY, Oct./Nov. 1900, pg. 140.

GUN-JUMPING (continued)--OED has track cites from the 1930s.  This is an established term in Wall Street that deserves a specialized meaning, apart from athletics.

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