On the House (1955)

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By Matty Simmons and Don Simmons
Coward-McCann, Inc. New York

(This book discusses restaurants in several major U. S. cities.  I had time to copy part of it--ed.)

Pg. 166:
CARRIBBEAN ROOM, Pontchartrain Hotel, 2031 St. Charles Avenue, MA 6543.
   (...)  The most popular dessert is ice cream pie, six inches thick and a tasty parting salvo to any fine dinner.
(This would be the first cite for "mile high pie."  This is a New Orleans restaurant; it's followed by the telephone number--ed.)

Pg. 205:
BARDELLI'S, 243 O'Farrel Street, YU 2-0243.
   ...Chicken Jerusalem...
(This is a  San Francisco restaurant--ed.)

Pg. 245:
2353 East Olympic Boulevard, MA 9-8336
   (...)  Perhaps the best recommendation for the restaurant is that most dining historians credit Paul Maggiora with originating the Caesar salad, this at a restaurant he owned in Tia Juana in 1930.

(No "Mongolian barbecue," which would be popular in the 1960s--ed.)

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