Souvlakia (1944)

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Mon Mar 5 19:23:05 UTC 2001

The most common form of sou lakia in Athens and environs is just the lamb
meat and no veggies.

At 07:44 PM 3/3/01 EST, you wrote:
>By Kathleen Precope
>London, 1944
>29, Great James Street
>Pg. 13:
>23.  SOUVLAKIA (Meat on Skewers).
>1 lb. leg of lamb.
>2 onions.
>2 tomatoes.
>1/4 lb. mushrooms
>Thyme, salt and pepper.
>   Cut the lamb into small pieces, salt and pepper it.  Cut the onions and
tomatoes into rounds, peel the mushrooms.  Take some clean skewers.  Put
the pieces of meat on to the skewer.  Firstly a piece of meat, then a slice
of onion and tomato and a piece of mushroom, then again a piece of meat,
and so on, until the skewer is full.  Sprinkle well with thyme.  Place
skewers under the grill.  Cook well and serve with pilaff.
>(OED has 1958 for Souvlaki(a).  This book says that this recipe costs 3s
>Pg. 22:
>   _SALADS_
>44. KOLOKITHAKI SALATA (Marrow Salad)...
>45. KOUNOUPITHI SALATA (Cauliflower Salad)...
>46. RATHIKIA SALATA (Dandelion Salad)...
>47. FASSOLIA SALATA (Bean Salad)...
>   (NO Greek Salad!  Not one of these salads has feta cheese--ed.)

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