"Manicotti" and Tyrone Power; Polo Ground Puppy; Jiggs

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        Jiggs is the central character in Bringing Up Father, a comic strip
created by George McManus in 1913 and still in circulation today.  He is an
unpretentious Irish immigrant who has become wealthy but still prefers
stereotypical Irish foods and pleasures, in contrast to his wife, Maggie, a
domineering social climber.

John Baker

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>    From the NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, Resorts & Travel section 4, 19 August
> 1962, pg. 9, col. 4:
> (...)  Other New England specialties?  (...)  The hearty climate naturally
> has brought to perfection that old standby of Jiggs--big red chunks of
> corned beef flanked by piles of cabbage and boiled potatoes.
> (Where is "Jiggs" recorded?--ed.)

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