have cow, be buccarooed on

Bob Haas highbob at MINDSPRING.COM
Thu Mar 8 06:21:10 UTC 2001


I'm just hazarding a guess, but I'd bet that "buckarooed on" means that he's
been used in rodeo competition, particularly in bronco riding--as in bucking
bronco.  I'm getting that from the quote as separate from barrel running
competition, a sort of slalom for horses.

As they say, "Yippie-kai-yay, boys and girls!"  Any buckaroos out there?


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> Subject: have cow, be buccarooed on
> Then there's a horse named Grasslands Hot Toddy,
> a "super athletic gelding with lots of cow; has been roped on." Finally,
> of a 4-year-old:  "He'll pull anything, he runs barrels, and has been
> buckarooed on."

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