very giving

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Fri Mar 9 05:10:41 UTC 2001

>I was interested in "to seem giving," etc. because, as grammmarians
>know, the four criteria for adjectives (See Quirk, et. al.:
>_Comprehensive Grammar_, 1985) are (1) attributive use; (2) predicative
>use with copula "seem"; (3) premodification by "very"; and (4)
>comparability. "Giving" seems to fail the second criterion. I wonder if
>there is a linguistic theory or model that covers this kind of
>participial adjective formation.

Examples of "seem giving" on the Web:

I don't like this usage very much, but that wasn't one of the criteria, was
it? (^_^)

-- Doug Wilson

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