End of the Free Lunch (April 1963)

George Thompson gt1 at NYU.EDU
Fri Mar 9 16:00:07 UTC 2001

This is a very interesting tidbit Barry has posted.  There's no doubt
that Prof. Friedman would be more familiar with practices at stock-
holders meetings than in low taverns at the turn of the 19th century,
and also that he would have been interested in pointing out to
stock-holders that the "free" lunch they were grousing about no longer
receiving had been paid for with money that otherwise might have been
added to their dividends.


>   Perhaps influencing the Milton Friedman usage is this, from the
> NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 4 April 1963, pg. 35, col. 4:
> _Annual Meetings Revolt_
> By Ken McKenna
>   It's annual pain-in-the neck-time for the nation's great
> publicly held corporations.  [A story follows about the practice of
giving out box lunches at stock-holder meetings.]

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