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Charles Wells charles at FREUDE.COM
Fri Mar 9 21:31:34 UTC 2001

>This is wonderful! "She sure seems giving and kind" is the kind of
>citation I was looking for. But don't you need a special engine of some
>sort to search the string through the long passages of the other four
>websites? What's the secret? Finding citations seems a cinch with your
>resources. Help appreciated.

For certain kinds of citations you might try the academic journals on JSTOR.
If you are at a research university you probably have access to this.  Its
search engine is fairly efficient and quite tuneable.  I have found the
majority of the citations for my book "A Handbook of Mathematical Discourse"
there.  (An early version of the Handbook is on line at my professional website
listed below.)

Academic journals are not, of course, the sort of resource to find things like
"very giving"!

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