Jimmy Mullan jimmy at JIMMYMULLAN.COM
Sat Mar 10 00:03:26 UTC 2001

This was sent to me by a buddy in Beijing, who uses NetChina as his ISP.
NetChina  had a major backbone problem, so communicated this fact to its
customers, thusly:
Dear customers:
    This morning, a lot of netizen and enterprise telegraph Netchina
reflect unable to browse. Explain to this director of cause department of
cable of sea of China Telecom, This time reason of trouble mainly to step
from Chongming Island to U.S.A. this section shattered to break down
Sino-America submarine cable Shanghai of the Pacific Ocean while being
about this morning to o'clock, The shattered reason is not still clear, in
course of rushing to repair promptly at present, because the weather
complicated and some other reasons at sea , when can repair and can't
define yet, Estimate it takes about two weeks. The solution that China
Telecom is consulting with American side and meeting an urgent need now.
The network insertion trader that influence have 163 China Telecom, include
UNICOM, network coherent other access service of company. This sea cable
shattered to influence the domestic user visit to Web sites of foreign
countries, the domestic Web site is not influenced . Getting to the
international long distance of U.S.A. at home influences either.

                                               NetChina Infotech Co. Ltd
                                               Feb 09, 2001

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