Cattacue clue

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Sun Mar 11 03:55:43 UTC 2001


   "Cattacue" is the rare word that turns up ZERO hits on Google.  Even misspellings turn up hits!
   Someone at the restaurant said it means "from the sea," and that the chef is from Antigua.


   I ate outdoors tonight; could've used the "shoo fly" pie.

CHICKEN ROUGDALE--Exquisitely prepared Chicken Supreme wrapped, steamed and dressed with ginger and cream sauce, accompanied with saffron and coconut rice.
(Source, anyone?--ed.)

CARIBBEAN SHRIMP--(...) Creole sauce and coconut rice.
TROY CUYAN SHRIMP--(...) Cuyan sauce, coconut rice or potato.

   Belize Meat Pies are popular, somewhat like the Louisiana version.  I haven't yet checked it out.

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