Fwd: Festouche??

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Mar 12 05:04:44 UTC 2001

>Can anyone help?
>>>My husband and I have long used, but can't seem to find the derivation
>>>or written form of the word "festouche." That is the best phonetic way I
>>>can reproduce the sound.
>>>  We have long used it to mean a tempest in a teapot, or, as we might say
>>>here in the Southwest, bug tussle. A small problem creating a large
>>>uproar. I have looked at a lot of slang dictionaries, but can't find
>>>it.  From the soft pronunciation, I suspect it is a corruption of a
>>>French phrase or term, but I could be way off.
>>>I was hoping you might be able to shed some light.  Thank you for
>>>consideration of this burning question. --C. Church
>>>Stephen Linam, Cassandra Church and Family
>  >>lcfamily at jumpnet.com
No idea on the origin, although if I had to bet it would be on
Sicilian Italian rather than French.  Just a guess, though.  Here's
two other spellings to check (there were no google hits on the
version given), both evidently representing the same lexical item,
with the approximate meaning of 'megillah'.


(Lynn Wheeler)
Another example is I believe there was a paper in the late '60s
describing working set and page management algorithms (possibly
slightly related to dartmouth?). At about the same time, I did
something that was significantly less deterministic and much more
probablistic. This caused something of a festush in some qtrs. (even
close to 15 years later). In any case, there was an implementation as
described in the research literature using the same operating system
and same hardware ... and then there was my solution. I was able to
demonstrate better level of interactive performance and workload
thruput... using the same workload on the same operating system and
the same processor hardware ... but with more than twice as many users
(running the workload) and 1/3 less real storage.

Long-time contributors to this list may remember the big festoosh that
occurred a couple years ago, when Amtrak promised the LAB that they would
convert some of their coach space to bike space. Of course it was too good
to be true; they instead converted the space into smoker's lounges.
Needless to say, a few cyclists were incensed. But I think they heard us. A
few more trains have added a baggage car for bikes.
Hey folks,

Hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving today had a great one.  My wife & I
went to Steve's house for a great Thanksgiving dinner, what Mike Mangini
labeled "a veritable festoosh!'.  We had a lot of fun and I hope you all did


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