question about the word "disingenuous"

Mike Dutton MDutton at SIKORSKY.COM
Wed Mar 14 14:02:07 UTC 2001

I am a transplant from Central Florida (3rd generation Floridian on my
father's side, mother from rural Tennessee) to Connecticut.  During a
call to a New York AM talk show today, I used the word "disingenuous" to
describe one of the hosts arguments.  I pronounced it dis-in-jeen-ee-us
(as I have my entire adult life), and he had the decency to correct me
and tell me not to take it personally, he was simply pointing out that I
"mispronounced the word".  I appreciate his patience, indeed noted that
Webster's supported his "correct" pronunciation, and promised myself not
to take future "corrections" to my word pronunciations personally.  I am
curious if I'm the only person who grew up incorrectly pronouncing this
word.  I am also interested in finding out if there is a good reference
for (U.S.) regional pronunciations of English language words.

Mike Dutton
Newtown, Ct
MDutton at

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