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Dear Jesse Sheidlower

We are pleased to announce that the latest quarterly update to OED Online is now available.  The update consists of over 1000 new and revised entries in the range mast to meaty.

Have a look at the new material, and see how you can
...drink mead with your meagre meal at the May ball
...mathematically measure a maximal matrix
...find material that matches your mauve mattress
...meander through a maze with your mates and the mayor

Also available on oed.com this quarter:


For lots of good ideas about how to use OED Online in teaching, or for useful insight into what OED Online enables you to do, check out the teaching material which has been added to the Help text.  Written by T. T. L. Davidson of the Department of Linguistics and Phonetics at the University of Leeds as part of an undergraduate module, "Working with the online version of the OED" will be an invaluable resource for all users, and is reproduced with kind permission of the author.


The prefatory material from the three Additions Series volumes has also been added to the archive at http://oed.com/public/archive/.


For a quick reminder about how to update your subscription record or to view your institution's usage statistics, as well as for answers to many other access queries, visit our new FAQ page at http://oed.com/public/sitehelp/accessfaqs.htm.


To ensure that all your users know that OED Online is available on your network, why not include a special icon on your web site which can be used as a clickable link?
OED Online icons in GIF format can now be downloaded at http://oed.com/public/welcome/link.htm.


Find out more about the fascinating tale of the word Marzipan, and hear about the first year in the life of oed.com, in the latest issue of OED News which is now available at http://dictionary.oed.com/public/news/0103.htm.

If you have any queries about OED Online, please don't hesitate to contact support at oed.com.

Susanna Lob
Sales and Marketing Manager - Oxford English Dictionary Online

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