CLIK/CLEEK & NATIVE SPEAKER [was ``FAG one last time``]

David M. Robertson dmsnake at USIT.NET
Fri Mar 16 02:56:21 UTC 2001

I have always gone both ways with click and cleek, but always use

Todd Rundgren (from Philadelphia, I think) sang:
"I'm pretty slick,
I know every trick,
I'm in the clique."

As for niche, I have NEVER, EVER said nitch. That sounds like a dreaded
Briticisim to me. As with click, I say either neesh or nish
(phonetically nish or nIsh??? I'm not totally hip to the system of
phonetic spellings rendered on the standard keyboard), as with clique,
depending on which seems to sound betterin context.

To me, cache should not be pronounced as anything but cash. When I was
in the Navy I had to tolerate the military pronunciation of it as
cashay. Of course, we all know that the military is a prime offender in
butchering the language.

And of course, there are the age-old questions: Does the chic sheik
shake his Shick before he shaves? Does the chic chick shake her Lady
Shick before she shaves? And I heard that Shaq shook his Shick at the
shaky sheik before he took the chic chick back to his shack. (While
Barry Scheck would shuck corn and the woodchuck would chuck wood.)
Somebody stop me, please!!!


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