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Frank Abate abatefr at EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Mar 16 16:57:55 UTC 2001

Mark O said:

The answer to David's question, I think, is that we average monolingual AmE
speakers have become more attuned to more correct representations of other
language's pronunciations. But as single items. Remember, again if you go
back that far, when we all learned that Pinochet's last name was to be done
as in Spanish (with a hard final T), and then, some 30 years later, had to
remember this rule all over again?

The Pinochet pron issue reminds me of the name of the Peruvian president who
recently resigned, Fujimori, whose parents emigrated from Japan.  Since he
is Spanish-speaking and in a Spanish-speaking country, the name is
pronounced "foo-he-MAWR-ee".

BBC is usually pretty accurate on tricky name prons, unlike US broadcasters,
who clearly don't care and don't even think about looking things up or
asking someone.  On the other hand, the BBC types tend to say the name of
the state Maryland something like "MAIR-ree-land", with the last syllable
just as in the word "land", and with secondary stress.

Frank Abate

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