Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Fri Mar 16 23:39:20 UTC 2001

>I am in search of English words with /ay/ before a voiced velar stop
>/g/.  I have "tiger" but need more including some with /g/ in the same

ligate, ligand, etc.
impetigo, vitiligo, serpigo, lentigo, etc.
migrate, etc.
biga, triga
digamma, digastric, diglyceride, digram, etc.
trigram, trigone, etc.
eigenvalue, etc.
digress, etc.
gigantic, etc.
antigambling, antigovernment, antigravity, etc.
pygal, callipygous, steatopygous, etc.
zygote, zygoma, zygapophyseal, etc.
hygrometer, hygroscopic, etc.
nigrosine, nigritude, nigrescent, etc.
by-God, by-golly, etc.

Some have alternative pronunciations.

Same syllable is difficult. "Braunschweig", "Zweig", and some other proper
names are pronounced this way sometimes. An informal abbreviation of
"Tiger" (etc.?) is sometimes written "Tige", pronounced /taig/ (I guess)
... I saw it somewhere as a dog's name. Maybe the same MD who says /s at r
'vai k at l/ for "cervical" or /'rai g at rz/ for "rigors" says /bOrb@ 'raig m at s/
for "borborygmus", or /@ 'maig d at l@/ for "amygdala" [this may or may not be
just a joke]. Perhaps "antignostic" can be pronounced /&ntaig 'nOs tIk/?

Rich folks with searchable OED's may be able to do much better.

-- Doug Wilson

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