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Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
> TACA INTERNATIONAL (or, Do You Know the Way to San Jose?)
> DRIVER:  Which airline?
> DRIVER:  Take A Chance--oops!

Officially, "TACA" is an acronym forthe Spanish equivalent of "Aerial
transports  of Central America".

Unofficially, TACA is an acronym for "Todos los AƱos Cae un Avion": "every year
one plane crashes".  OK, it loses something in the translation paraphrase works
better:  "All right, we lose a plane every year, but we make it up in volume."

Central Americans take perverse pride e among all airlines in customer
dissatisfaction, delayed flights, and flights that inexplicably end up landing
at the wrong airport in the wrong country.
many times worse than Russia's Aeroflot,  has a horrible reputation, but
ordinarily you can depend on your flight heading in the right direction.  TACA
is not dependable about anything -- not even about your flight arriving at its
scheduled destination.

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