Mark A. Mandel Mark_Mandel at DRAGONSYS.COM
Tue Mar 20 16:59:19 UTC 2001

I've been getting this kind of bounce on everything I've sent to the list
for weeks. I've tried mailing (whoever I thought was) the listmaster, to no
apparent avail. I can't be the only one. Can someone pull this bloke off
the list?

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Postmaster at on 03/20/2001 11:58:32 AM

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        b_robinson at

Often this is caused by a recipient having insufficient room to store
the message.  Network communications problems can also cause this.
Check with the recipient(s) and/or try again later.

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"Douglas G. Wilson" <douglas at NB.NET> writes:
 From Larry Horn:
>I've always said "nitch" but "cleek" (and "cleekish").  And "sheek"
>for CHIC.

Me too.

     [remainder snipped -- MAM]

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