lesa.dill lesa.dill at WKU.EDU
Tue Mar 20 23:33:21 UTC 2001

This is a reply to a bounced message.  I have an idea.  Maybe the message
bounces when it is posted to the address that it is sent from.  Could that
happen?  Are those of you not getting bounced messages using secondary systems
or accessing your e-mail indirectly?  That answer may be nuts.  But didn't
this problem only begin to occur after all of the "yelling" about how one gets
off the list.  Does one spell "linguist" s-p-e-c-u-l-a-t-e?
>===== Original Message From American Dialect Society <ADS-L at LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>
>I'm getting a bounce too. but I assumed it was a problem with a posting to
>incorrect (badly incorrect, as in intentional) address on the list--not that
>we would ever do anything like that! But where do viruses come from?
>===== Original Message From t.paikeday at =====
>>The same has been happening to my posts. But I can live with computer
>>glitches as long as I don't catch viruses.
>>sagehen wrote:
>>> My posts  to ADS-L for several weeks have evoked an immediate return
>>> missile (ABM?) saying that someone named "robinson" cannot accept any more
>>> mail in  his (her) mailbox because of overload, and therefore my message
>>> rejected.  It turns up immediately, in spite of this, as an ADS-L posting.
>>> Since we've been having trouble with all the listservs we normally get
>>> (owing to our ISP's having merged with another and changed our address in
>>> the process) I just assumed this was more of the same.
>>> A.Murie

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