More food & drink from Costa Rica

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Wed Mar 21 04:56:38 UTC 2001

   Boy, did I ever get on the wrong computer here.  Not only is this keyboard all crazy (@ requires ALT plus 6 & 4), but every key I touch brings up a picture of naked lolitas or Britney Spears.

KITESURFING--supposedly began a few years ago in Hawaii, but found in Costa Rica.

BEER DOGS--hot dog and beer combo available in Quepos.

CORNFETTI--corn side dish at BILLY BEACH´S KAROLLAS restaurant.

DAIQUILADA--pina colada and daiquiri combo at same restaurant.

   LA COCINA DE LENA bills itself as ¨the best restaurant in town.¨  It´s located in the El Pueblo restaurant section of San Jose.  Some items are below.

GREEN BANANA--plantain.  What´s the distribution of each term?
CASSANGA--rice pudding and sweetned chiverre.
ALMUERCITA--stuffed cabbage.
CHILASQUILAS--fried meat fillet tortillas.
GALLO PINTO--mixed rice and beans, meat, eggs and sour cream.

(Off the internet for two days to look at turtles--ed.)

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