synonym jokes

Wilcox, Rose (ZB5646) Rose.Wilcox at PINNACLEWEST.COM
Wed Mar 21 22:24:40 UTC 2001

I remember a movie from 1986 that had a lot of synonym humor in it.
Basically the robot, Johnny 5 or Number 5, comes alive and as he learns
more, he tends to spew out lists of synonyms for every object he sees.  I've
searched on line for quotes from the movie, but most of the quotes are
malapropisms from another character, rather than Number 5's.
I could only find a few examples and one of them was not Number 5's at all.

>From "Short Circuit":

Stephanie: "No, what're you doing, you're gonna kill us!"
Number 5: "Disassemble??"
Stephanie: "Yes! Disassemble all OVER the place! "

Number 5: Mammal. Sheep. Source of sweaters.

Scroter: "And I'm gonna need some hueys." Howard: "Some what?" Scroter:
"Helicopters, Howard. Jesus Christ!" Howard: "I thought they were choppers."
Scroter: "Well, now they're called hueys." Howard: "Well, why wasn't I


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