synonym jokes

David M. Robertson dmsnake at USIT.NET
Thu Mar 22 03:38:55 UTC 2001

There was a restaurant in New York which advertised that it could supply any exotic
food the customer requested.

A panda came in and took a seat. The panda asked the waiter if they served bamboo.

The waiter said, "Certainly. May I recommend our chef's specialty, bamboo sauteed in
a lovely blend of olive oil, garlic, ginger and white wine, served over basmati rice,
with a quarter of a lime for garnish."

The panda said that it sounded good. The dish was presented, and the panda ate it
with great gusto. When the waiter came back to give the panda the check, the panda
pulled out a gun, shot the waiter dead, and calmly walked out of the restaurant.

After the detective arrived and was given the story of the murder, the manager of the
restaurant asked if he had any idea who had committed the crime. The detective said,
"Well, from the M.O., I would say it was a panda."

The manager said, "Yes! A panda. How did you know that? I hadn't even told you that
the killer was large, hairy, and black and white."

The detective said, "That's easy. It's classic panda behavior. Look it up in the
dictionary. A panda is a large terrestrial mammal that eats bamboo shoots and

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