Dirty words from the Civil War

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Thu Mar 22 07:15:17 UTC 2001

At 2:35 PM -0500 3/22/01, George Thompson wrote:
>I have been reading a book called "The Story the Soldiers Wouldn't Tell:
>Sex in the Civil War" by Thomas P. Lowry, M. D., Mechanicsburg, Pa.:
>Stackpole Bks, 1994.  This includes passages from letters home from
>soldiers to their friends or wives (and a couple of letters from wives
>to soldiers) and extracts from court martials of soldiers who had cursed
>out officers or committed other indiscretions.  I note the following
Fascinating find.  We don't have a record of that volume at Yale,
although we do list three other items by the versatile Dr. Lowry:

The Civil War bawdy houses of Washington, D.C. : including a
map of their former locations and a reprint of the Souvenir
sporting guide for the Chicago, Illinois G.A.R. 1895 reunion
/ Thomas P. Lowry.
Published:      Fredericksburg, VA : Sergeant Kirkland's, 1997.

The clitoris / by Thomas P. Lowry and Thea Snyder Lowry, with
additional contributions by Thomas G. Morrione ... [et al.].
Published:      St. Louis : W. H. Green, 1976.

Hyperventilation and hysteria; the physiology and psychology
of overbreathing and its relationship to the mind-body
problem. Compiled and edited by Thomas P. Lowry. With
additional contributions by Edward H. Davis [and others]
With a foreword by H. Corwin Hinshaw.
Published:      Springfield, Ill., C. C. Thomas [1967]

Any temporal or causal connection among these topics will be left as
an exercise for the reader.


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