synonym jokes

Mark A. Mandel Mark_Mandel at DRAGONSYS.COM
Thu Mar 22 20:42:43 UTC 2001

Lynne, you'll have to decide if this one fits.

Two men fell into conversation, and the talk turned to families and
relatives. One lovingly described his wife and children, and asked the
other about his. "No," said the second, "we'd like to have children, but
unfortunately my wife is... oh, what's the word? ... she's unbearable. No,
that's not it... impregnable? No .... oh, I've got it: she's ineffable!"

I heard it or read it with "unbearable", "impregnable", and one other word.
I added "ineffable" but have since forgotten the third "original" word. As
you see, this one hinges on root homonymy/homophony and synonymy both.

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