John Huston: Pronunciation?

Frank Abate abatefr at EARTHLINK.NET
Sun Mar 25 15:26:27 UTC 2001

I have only heard "hyoostn" for the movie family Huston, the same pron as
for the city in Texas.  This is true for John, his father Walter, and his
daughter Angelica.  I'd say RHDU is right on this, and given the folks who
do that dict, I think the data is very reliable.

The city in Texas is mispronounced in one old Spencer Davis Group song sung
by Brit Stevie Winwood, who says "howstn".  Perhaps other Brits say this?

The street in NYC is "properly" pronounced "howstn", say many.  But the pron
like the city in Texas is pretty frequent.

Frank Abate

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