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   So I'm there in San Jose, Costa Rica, and my American Airlines flight is two hours late, and I say, "Do you know the way from San Jose?"  And no one knows the Burt Bacharach song.  NO ONE.  They say they know Dionne Warwick from the Psychic Friends Network.
   So then, I go:  "American Airlines--something special _IN THE AIR_."
   Whatever...Make your obscure book research requests now, as I'll be in Washington, DC, and the Library of Congress tomorrow (Monday) as I try to get visas for five Central Asian nations.


   From John Mariani's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN FOOD & DRINK (1999):

_gorp._  As a verb, to eat noisly or greedily, a meaning found in print since 1913.  As a noun, "gorp" refers to a mixture of dried fruit, seeds, nuts, and chocolate chips used as high-energy food for athletes, particularly hikers and mountain climbers, a meaning known in print since 1968.  "Glop" and "goop" are similar terms used to describe such foods.

compiled by Carrie V. Shuman
Introductions by Reid Badger and Bruce Kraig
University of Illinois Press
Urbana and Chicago
210 pages, paperback, $15
2001 (originally 1893)

   This book was put out to celebrate the food of the Chicago 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.  There's nothing new or startling here, but it's a handsome reprint volume to have.
   Bruce Kraig heads the Chicago Culinary Historians group.  He was seen briefly in last year's History Channel special on American food as saying that no one has ever found T. A. Dorgan's "hot dog" cartoon.  That aside, he's a fine scholar, with a reasonable, though brief, intro.  The other intro about World's Fairs is useless.

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